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        April 4, 2015

        Indian Wedding Photography at Copthorne Hotel Effingham Gatwick London | Rina & Ritesh

        Moments of Magic Snow White herselfOn a beautiful day at Copthorne Hotel Effingham Gatwick, Aiya Indian Wedding Photography London was there to shoot the union of Rina and Ritesh. The bride wore whi...
        October 25, 2014

        Indian wedding photography Essex at Newland Manor | Photography & Cinematography | Aiya Media

        #Never Forget It# Moments of joyMarriage is a sacred union of two souls…a promise to be together in both dark and light hours…a hope for a beautiful future. Aiya Asian wedding photographer in London...
        October 13, 2014

        Hindu Wedding Photography in Essex | Boreham House Essex | Mira & Kush

        Rose Petals Elements of lifeHindu Wedding Photography in Essex. Happiness most of the time is found in the small elements of life. That one fleeting glance, that small half smile are moments like a ...
        September 6, 2014

        Indian Hindu Wedding Photography at Manor Of Groves, Essex | Bhumica & Shyam

        The Beautiful Melody Notes of laughterIndian Hindu Wedding Photography at Manor Of Groves, Essex. The ring of laughter is the most beautiful melody of all seized in the video made by Aiya Indian ...
        August 24, 2014

        Indian Wedding Cinematography & Photography in Kent, Gravesend Gudwara

        August 16, 2014

        Indian Wedding at East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf London

        August 13, 2014

        Civil Wedding at Moor Park, Indian Wedding Photographer

        July 7, 2014

        Hindu Wedding Photography & Cinematography London | Naveen & Neha