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Indian Wedding Photographer in London | Storybook Album Design

Here’s one of my favourite album designs of 2016 from Sajid & Shabina’s Wedding & Reception outfit. The layouts look stunning in the album produced by Graphi studio in their 40×30 photography paper matt finish.

The wedding was held in Bristol Leigh Court with the reception party at Cardiff Castle in Wales. An amazing performance by The Bollywood Company can be seen on the video below and the couple opted for the trailer and highlight package. Enjoy.

Photography & Cinematography by Indian Wedding Photographer AIYA based in London.











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Indian Wedding in Wales | AIYA Photography & Cinematography


Before the wedding in the splendid Leigh Court in Bristol, Shabina and Sajid celebrated a Mehndi ceremony in Wales. Shabina wore a magical violet Indian bridal dress with gold and silver details and Sajid looked brilliant in golden Sherwani with violet neck-scarf. In the wedding, Shabina pulled off a navy blue and white Indian-style bridal dress with golden intricacies. Sajid stunned in a navy blue suit and tie.

Finally, the celebrations ended with the reception at Cardiff Castle. Shabina rocked a white gown and Sajid a black and white suit. The couple also did the mannequin challenge. The guests collaborated!

The whole wedding scene was captured beautifully by the Asian wedding photographer in Wales AIYA, based in London covering photography and cinematography nation-wide.

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