Asian Wedding Photographer in London | Deep & Reenal | Oatlands Park Hotel Surry

Wedding of Deep and Reenal | Photography by Aiya Asian Wedding Photographer 

On an auspicious November night, Asian wedding photographer in London, Izzy captured the holy union of the beautiful bridge Reenal and her groom Deep. The wedding was held at Oatlands Park Hotel Surry England. The Indian Wedding photographer made sure to make this union memorable and captured all the moments of joy and happiness to be cherished by the couple forever.

The gorgeous bride in her rose red saari with the handsome groom in complimentary red shawl and trouser over his off-white sherwani made the couple look perfect together. Aiya captured all the traditional rituals of the marriage ceremony starting with the bride getting ready for the day. The golden jewellery and the red dupatta gave the bride a refreshing and stunning look. The joy of the union of two hearts can also be seen emanating through the smiles of the parents and the other family members.

All the events of the Hindu marriage had been thoroughly captured by Aiya Asian wedding photography in London. The arrival of the groom, the setup of raasms (traditional rituals), and the marriage around the mandap ending with the groom applying the sandoor on the bride. The traditional rituals and games were presented in a properly synchronised manner; starting with the veil that separated the couple until the raasm and the expression of the groom and bride was frozen in the lenses when the veil fell off and both looked at each other.

Aiya presents the zealous capture of most precious moments and the expression of joy to be frozen in the frame forever.



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