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        London Wedding Photography at Oxo Tower Wharf, Hens and Stacey married on Saturday 5th August 2017.


        The Bride

        London Wedding Photography at Oxo Tower Wharf captured by wedding photographer Izzy, presents you with perfect capture of best moments. On a beautiful Saturday morning 5th August 2017, Izzy attended London Wedding at Oxo Tower Wharf to make the union of Hans and Stacey memorable. Every detail was captured from bridal rings, shoes to the lavish white gown. Stacey looked stunning in her backless and sleeveless white gown which trailed majestically behind her as she walked. Her hairdo was made into a beautiful bun with tufts of hair falling on her face. A silver flower lace was pinned on her bun with the white veil hanging from it. As a bride Stacey wore fewer jewels; only ear rings and her engagement ring adorned her. She wore no necklace which exposed her clavicle and her simplicity is what made her appear exquisite and stunning.

        The Wedding

        Hans awaited his bride in black tuxedo. A big smile adorned his face as he receives his bride carrying a white bouquet. London Wedding photographer Izzy captured all small moments- the vows, the kiss, the laughter and the tears. Everyone in the wedding wore black and white. The gentlemen were dressed in black suits while the ladies wore off-white dresses. Aiya wedding photographer captured all the laughter and fun.



        London Wedding Photography by Izzy

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