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        Sikh Wedding at Gravesend Gudwara & Cobham Hall, Kent | Gurraj & Parmjoat

        The wedding of Gurraj and Parmjoat is what dreams are made of, captured by Asian Wedding Photographer AIYA.

        The Sikh wedding was held in broad daylight, at the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara Gravesend, located in England. The Groom was dressed in an offwhite sherwani and a red neck-scarf, looking beyond charming. He also managed to pull of a red turban that complimented his dressing as a whole. The Bride wore a traditional, beautiful Indian blood-red dress, embedded with intricate golden details, accompanied with exquisite golden jewellery. The hands of the bride were filled with beautiful Henna tattoo, that add up to her profile as the kind of Bride people can only dream of.

        The place where the venue for the reception was the beautiful Cobham Hall in Kent, which is surrounded by lush green gardens with stunning, state of the art buildings. The couple enter in a rolls royce, and are welcomed with the joyous beats of dhol. The reception in the evening then turns into a full on party, where the couple is seen dancing on bhangra and english songs with their friends and family.

        The amazing day ends by the family seeing off the newlyweds, and wishing them the best on their magical new journey.

        Captured by AIYA, Asian wedding photography & cinematography.

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