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        No one’s life is perfect. Like waves there is a rhythm of ups and downs. Waves rise. Waves fall. But there are some events in life that stay engraved forever leaving a permanent mark on us. Marriage is one such event and Aiya wedding photographer ensures that the ride of this high tide of life stay engraved in heart in form of precious memories. On a beautiful day the pretty Dila united with the handsome Govi by the sacred bond of marriage. Izzy, the talented asian wedding photographer shooted for their Civil wedding followed by Sikh wedding and reception at Famous Shakespeare Globe. Dila and Govi had the privilege of being the first couple to enjoy Asian wedding at the Famous Shakespeare Globe. The couple were also in the programme on Sky One Desi Rascals.


        It takes many years and under lots of pressure is the beautiful pearl formed. After years of waiting a couple finally find their mates and decide to marry. It is an event of celebration and joy which Aiya Asian wedding photographer ensures is a memorable one. Dila looks sizzling in her ethereal white gown while Govi appears sensational in his grey tuxedo at civil ceremony. The couple dresses in traditional red color for the wedding which entailed all the rituals and family games. Reception party was a blast where everyone danced. Izzy, indian wedding photographer based in London, was present in all the events to preserve the precious pearls behind the lens.

        AIYA featured in Khush Magazine Winter Issue 2015 

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