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        Perfect Chemistry

        Civil Ceremony

        Aiya Hindu Wedding Photographer was present at Shendish Manor to make the wedding ceremony of Deepali and Manish a must remember Merry-go-Round. The exciting part about the union of Deepali and Manish is that it was celebrated throughout the day. The Civil ceremony began in morning followed by the Hindu wedding in afternoon and reception party in evening. One can say it was a rocking day filled with events worth remembering. And that is exactly what Aiya Hindu wedding photographer aspired to attain.

        The early morning sunshine glazes through the window as Deepali gets ready for the civil ceremony. With long pure white dress accompanied by a silver crown and a bracelet; Deepali looked no less than the Bella of Twilight. The beautiful Mehndi all the way above her elbows and a radiant smile made Deepali look perfect and pretty. Manish too looked chivalrous in his grey suit with a small patch of flower at his collar. All the traditional rituals were captured by Aiya asian wedding photographer with the bride throwing her flower for maidens to capture. Also the morning stroll taken by Deepali and Manish were one of the precious moments preserved.

        Wedding and Reception

        The wedding ceremony took place like a traditional Hindu wedding and Aiya indian Wedding Photographer made sure to capture all the moments of delight. The groom arrived on a horse with all his charm. Rituals like the partition of the couple by a veil and finally their union after marriage as they gleamed at each other was preserved behind the lens.

        The reception party was filled with fun, dance and games. All the family members were present as Manish danced with Deepali in Royal Blue suit. The couple looked simply exquisite and made-for-each-other in their complimentary dark blue dresses.







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