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        The Beautiful Melody

        Notes of laughter

        Indian Hindu Wedding Photography at Manor Of Groves, Essex. The ring of laughter is the most beautiful melody of all seized in the video made by Aiya Indian Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer. The mesmerising and ethereal bride Bhumica has the most beautiful laughter which is a like a gift from her charming and chivalrous Groom Shyam.  Aiya Hindu wedding photographer, Izzy was present at Manor of Groves wedding venue in Essex to record all the notes of laugher from this beautiful couple.

        Bangles and bracelets, rings, necklace, teekah and the perfectly adjusted dupatta gave the bride most elegant look of all. The groom in his pagri, sheerwani and fun-loving-nature charmed the crowd. Everyone danced zealously on the wedding of Bhumica and Shyam from elderly to youths, to little kids. The precious notes of laughter were scattered everywhere to be collected by Aiya Asian Photography and media so that they can be heard again and again forever.

        Notes of tears

        When one is overflowed with joy some of the happiness is then shed as the pearls of tears. It is customary that parents and the bride do cry on weddings. However, when Bhumica’s little brother became overcome with emotion at the time of saying good bye to his sister is a sight unique in itself. The little brother’s love for his sister is both endearing and heartwarming. Izzy, wedding photographer based in Essex made sure to add these notes of tears to the album of the most beautiful melody.


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